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'You're only given one little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it.' - Robin Williams.

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somethingblueat221b replied to your post: Tumblr. Seriously, talk to me. I’m wor…


HA, YESSSS! I was actually listening to Sail. It’s probably my favorite? And everyone elses favorite, but I don’t care. It really gets me in the mood to live!

Really Love Guilty Filthy Soul, too. n_n

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To those who asked ‘WAT RAIE ON WI’ TONIGHT?!’ here.

It’s Bard out of The Hobbit! WIP CENTRAL <3

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Tumblr. Seriously, talk to me. I’m working my bum off right now, listening to AWOLNATION, i’ve indulged in some wine and I feel like we need to talk. Is it working out between us or not? I know i’ve not been around for some time, but sometimes I need to take a (seemingly) long break to catch up with family and friends who i’ve shut myself off from in recent years to do a degree and be generally…hermit-ish.

Send me messages, i’m here, let’s talk. <3

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Does anybody else want prints of my paintings of either Bobble hatted Sherlock/Mycroft with goldfish/Colourful straitjacket Moriarty?

I have a few left to sell in both a4 and a3 and very possibly won’t be getting any more prints made of these paintings and they’re not available anywhere else.

Please drop me either a message on here or an email at Raiecha.art@gmail.com for more info.

Please reblog and spread the word! Thanks honeys

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Good Afternoon, Here’s a sketch I started a few weeks back. It doesn’t really have any relevance to anything, I just needed to paint at the time!

Also, I’m currently taking commissions! My diary is open so if you’re interested in commissioning me, please do drop me an email (Raiecha.art@gmail.com)

I am largely a portrait artist, but I do paint other things as well so if you’re wanting to run any ideas past me, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

(Also Also, I still have a few Sherlock prints left! Again, please email if you’re interested!)


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I have prints of these 3 paintings still available, but they’re selling out! All prints are on fine art paper with a 3cm border, hand signed, dated and titled by me.

My prints start from £25 and I ship internationally.

Send me an email at Raiecha.art@gmail.com if you’d like to buy one of these prints - there’s only a handful left.

(All of my other Sherlock paintings can be bought as prints on my Society6!)

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Hi! Sorry to reblog this but I wanted you to know that a majority of these paintings are now available to buy as prints on my Society6 page!

Bobble Hat Sherlock, Colourful Moriarty and Mycroft are not there as I still have independently made prints of these three available for purchase. If you’re interested in any of those, drop me an email at Raiecha.art@gmail.com

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