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Anonymous whispered: So I was just looking at Speedy's new website and saw that they had some of your artwork up in the gallery with no byline. Some of the other artists are credited so I wanted to give you a heads up in case they didn't have your permission. www[.]speedyscafe[.]co[.]uk /gallery

Hey there. Quite a few people have contacted me to tell me - it’s my own fault however; they did tweet asking for the artists to contact them so they could add credit, but it totally slipped my mind.

Anyway i’ve sent them a tweet now so hopefully my name will be added at some point.

Thank you. x

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My painting of Benedict is now available as a print on Society6!

I’ll be adding more of my Sherlock paintings later, so keep an eye out! x

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Raiecha’s Sherlock Fan-Art Masterpost!

Top to Bottom; (Not in order of completion)

French Waiter Sherlock, Valentines Sherlock, Bobble-Hat Sherlock.

Pining John, Mycroft avec Goldfish, La Gazza Ladra/The Thieving Magpie.

(Ben at the Oscars)

Strait-Jacket Moriarty, Fawning Molly and Ms. Adler.

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HI, I’m not dead. Here’s a bit of Batch wot I did for you little tinkers. <3

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'The Woman.'

'Where is she? That Woman. THE Woman. The Woman Woman.'

Sherlock Fan art; IT TOOK TOO LONG, JEEZ. *Weeps*

Why the Rose?

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Inspired by the trailer for the upcoming Disney film.

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'His Majesty.'

I lost my cat today. Very, very suddenly.

Magic, i’m not very good at mourning, so I painted you instead.

But I want you to know that you have been absolutely brilliant. 

Goodnight. <3

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JIM SKETCHDUMP - Half an hour each. Thanks to all the people who sent me their favorite caps of Jim, sorry I couldn’t paint all of the suggestions, I wanted to do more i’ve been getting migraines lately.

If I used your suggestion, i’ve tagged you below. x

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